Specialized Strategies for Emotional Re-Education

Eating Disorders Treatment Specialists of Miami and the
Palm Beaches.

ERE Associates encourages the development of therapeutic solutions to help each individual overcome the challenges and struggles that can lead to depression, anxiety, marital and family conflict, eating disorders, alcohol or chemical dependency, and other forms of emotional distress.

Our treatment methods are grounded in well-established theories of behavior, human development, and communications.


Creating an emotionally secure therapeutic environment in which individuals can explore freely and confidentially their own needs and objectives.

Treatment Plans

Treatment Plans are individualized and comprehensive and may include referrals for medical, dental, nutritional, and other care when needed. The treatment plan is developed with each patient to address the objectives that each person brings to treatment.

Change & Growth

Emotional Re-Education is the foundation that allows patients to examine the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can block them from positive change and growth.


Our goal of providing new pathways for individual and family growth has led to the successful treatment of many who have experienced failure in the past.

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ERE Associates offers two locations serving greater Miami and the Palm Beaches


7325 S.W. 63rd Avenue
Suite 101
South Miami,
Florida 33143

Tel: (305) 284-1143
Fax: (305) 667-9880


3450 Northlake Blvd.
Suite 212
Palm Beach Gardens,
Florida 33403

Tel: (561) 626-8070
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